Sales, service and repair of electrical and mechanical equipment. Malton carries a large inventory of new motors.

Repair of Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Equipment

AC induction motors
AC wound rotor motors
AC synchronous motors
DC motors
Off-highway wheel motors
Locomotive traction motors

Malton’s Shop capabilities:

Up to 6000 horsepower
Vacuum pressure impregnation
Controlled temperature burnout
Computerized dynamic balancing-20,000 lbs.

20-ton bridge crane capability (MN)
35-ton bridge crane capability (MI)

6’ diameter VPI system (MN)
9’ diameter VPI system (MI)

1000 KVA/4160 VAC test run capabilities (MN)
3000 KVA/4160 VAC test run capabilities (MI)

60,000 amp breaker testing capabilities (MN)
80” diameter lathe & milling capabilities (MN)
450-ton press capabilities (MN)
650-ton press capabilities (MI)
1200 cubic foot bake out (MN & MI)
50,000 lb. trucking capability

Qualified professionals to perform:

Metal Spraying
Hydraulic press
Welding-MIG, TIG, Stick


We are a member of EASA. EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) is an international trade association of more than 1,700 electromechanical service and sales firms (electric motors, pumps, drives, transformers, etc.) and about 44,000 employees in nearly 70 countries. EASA provides direct technical support to members; technical, sales and management education; networking opportunities; a variety of excellent reference and other resources; industry representation with standards and other important groups; and much more.